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In 2015 it became clear that something was missing from the world of electric bikes.  A combination of affordability, quality and service.  We set out on a mission!

For maximum longevity an ebike should be serviceable with readily available parts.  It should also be easily customized for YOU.  With most name brand bikes requiring proprietary batteries, frames, controllers, and LCD screens you're limited by what the manufacturer has to offer.  Not anymore!  With bikes from Velomobile Shop you have options.  By designing a platform that can be easily changed we've created the base for the bike you want to ride.  Whether it's high performance or long range cruising, anything is possible.  We aim to deliver the best bang for the buck right out of the box - but it doesn't have to stop there if you don't want it to.

Here's why we're on Indiegogo:

  • The bikes are currently limited to the local market in small quantities, it's time to expand!
  • To drive down costs - We're currently selling bikes in select retail locations, but we'd like to offer them at an even more competitive prices in more locations.

BIG NEWS!  (Or small news?)

To date, most electric fat bikes have been "one size fits all".  Unfortunately that isn't a realistic expectation.  A wider variety is needed to get more people on ebikes.  So we're stepping up (err... you get the idea) our game!  Introducing the first ever 24" electric fat bike with great looks and a great price!  You shouldn't have to compromise looks or performance to get a bike that fits - so we didn't.  

VS-500 (V for Velomobile, S for "Small" and 500 for 500 watts.)

  • 500 Watt Bafang Motor
  • Ideal for riders from 4' 6" to 5' 4"
  • 7 speeds
  • 48v / 11ah removeable battery (20 mile range)
  • Extra Batteries Available!
  • 4" Wide Tires
  • Heavy Duty Spokes
  • Waterproof motor and controller
  • Disc Brakes
  • Aluminum Frame
  • 12 month Warranty
  • Upgrades available!

$199 Shipping

26" Electric Fat Bike Options

•    350 to 750 Watt Bafang Motor
•    7 speeds
•    36v - 48v removeable battery (20 mile range)
•    4" wide Fat Tires on Anodized 100mm Rims
•    Heavy Duty Spokes
•    Waterproof motor and controller
•    Disc Brakes
•    Aluminum Frame
•    12 month Warranty
•    Upgrade-ability!
$199 Shipping

NEED FOR SPEED?!  26" V-1000


•    1,000 Watt BBSHD Motor
•    10 speeds
•    48v / 11ah removeable battery (20 mile range)
•    Extra Batteries Available!
•    4" wide Fat Tires on Anodized 100mm Rims
•    Heavy Duty Spokes
•    Disc Brakes
•    Aluminum Frame
•    12 month Warranty
•    Upgrades available!
$199 Shipping

Dealer Package

At these prices, it's hard to resist buying the bikes for resale.  We wanted to make sure the temptation was too much to handle, so here's the deal:  $4,995

Save over $300 compared to buying the bikes individually!  As part of the dealer package, you'll receive one bike in each model.  You can still choose the colors for each bike.  Not only will you save over $300 on the total price of the bikes, you'll get a slight discount on shipping costs too. 

If you're just a group of 4 friends at the same address wanting 4 different bikes - that's ok too.  Remember that you'll get one of each model, the V-350, VS-500, V-750, and V-1000.

Color Choices

5 colors will be available for ALL motor options and sizes.

Magnetic Blue

Black Cherry (purple)

Mutant Green

Eruption Red

Slick Black

Standard Features

These bikes can be customized!  As such, some optional items are shown in the video.  Here are some standard features:

Bafang motors, from 350 watts to 750 watts.  V-350, VS-500, and V-750 bikes all use hub motors.  

The V-1000 uses the popular Bafang BBSHD.  It's full of power and sealed to keep out dirt and grime.  

All motors will be limited from the factory to a maximum speed of 20mph.*

*Where legal, speed restriction can be removed.

Comfortable foam grips - They're supple, yet provide loads of grip.

Thumb Throttle - It's simple and keeps the cost low.  If you prefer something different, multiple twist throttle options will be available for all bikes.  (Shifter shown is for hub motor ebikes.  All BBSHD mid drive bikes will come with a high quality Shimano Deore 10 speed setup.)

Rigid Front Forks will be included on all bikes.  The Suspension fork will be available for all 26" models after the campaign.

LCD Screen - We've decided to include the best available LCD screen for all bikes.  This is the KT-LCD3 for bikes with hub motors, and a special color display for mid-drive V-1000 bikes.

High quality 4" Fat Tires and 100mm Rims.  (Up to 4.9" Tires will fit on frames.)

YOU are IMPORTANT to Velomobile Shop

Customer service has been our main goal in building this business.  When you receive your bike, we want you to be impressed.  We want you to be so impressed that you do the following:

1.  Smile - if we can't put a smile on your face, this wouldn't be worth it.

2.  Get out and ride!

3.  Share your experience with your friends, because the bikes are going to be amazing!

If you want to know how Velomobile Shop service has been, just look online:

Customize your ride! Parts already Available:

Adjustable Stem for Comfort, Rear Racks, Light Kits, Fenders, Extra Battery, Spare Tubes, Twist Throttles, Suspension Forks

If parts aren't enough, extended warranties ranging from 3-5 years will also be available when you receive your bike.


Shipping charges do apply, but if you're local to northern California a pick up option will be available.

Risks & Challenges

There are still challenges with ramping up production to a larger scale, but we're putting people in the right places to make the transition as smooth as possible.  Component quality is our main concern.  We want each bike to be thoroughly inspected so you get the quality you deserve.  Although we're shooting for large volumes, you should feel like you're opening a hand-made card when you open your bike box.

You can help, no matter what!

If you can't contribute, you can still help!  (Don't forget our first perk is only $1 and offers rewards!)